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The store has limited edition giclees sold direct from Trish's studio.

New Bag and Purse Collection

Figurative Series

-New Works
- Westminster
- Kentucky Derby
- Del Mar
- Southlake Square
- Tea & Cafe
- Glamour Cars & Dogs
- Venice
- Romantic Dancers
- Room with a view
- Jazz Singers
- Travel with Dogs
- Lounge & Bar
- Boats
- Golf


Trish's artwork is available for license on a variety of product formats. Her designs have had proven success in the marketplace and continue to be sought out by consumers as well as major retailers.

We are open to exploring new relationships with manufacturers who create outstanding products, have exceptional service, who understand our brand and can enhance our brand presence. We are interested in long-term relationships with market leaders.

If you feel that Trish's designs would be a good fit for your product, we would love to learn more about your company. For more information contact us via email or by phone at 1-(800)-824-1577 (Toll Free).


- Hallmark
- Carlton Cards
- Aaron Brothers
- Kirkland Home Stores
- Direct Shopping Network
- Churchill Downs
- Bentley Publishing Group
- Pacifica Tile
- Pure Contry Weavers
- Affreschi & Affreschi
- Fiesta Collectibles
- Open Air Designs
- Encoure Art Group

Featured Work :: "Rhodesian Ridgeback"
Featured Work :: "Contemplation"

!!!NEW!!! The editions below are usually reserved for festivals only

NEW BOOK! "Everett Green, A Tree for All Seasons"

Fabulous new aprons!

"Pool Party"

"Eiffel Tower, Red Dress"


When you commission Trish to create an original painting for you, She will work closely with you to address your concerns, requests, and needs.

Trish is taking commissions now! She has 3 paintings she is currently working on, and just completed a commision. The prices shown are for portraits, but she is more known for her glamorous figures. If you want a painting similar to one she has already done the prices are better.

Commission Facts:

- Trish creates the original just for you
- The cost is done by size and amount of detail

Let Trish create your very own one of a kind. She can work in very large scale, and works exclusively in oil paints.


2015 Trish Biddle All images are copyrighted and are for viewing purposes only: THEY ARE NOT TO BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION